Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Know He's The One

OK..Well i met this wonderful guy when i was 15teen.. Since then i have been head over heel's for him.. haha it was funny i remember when i told him i loved him..almost scared him away..i have always been the one to be open and out there with how i felt.. we dated and had great times together.. from just hanging out with my bothers or staying up till 3 am and my dad take him home i was always smiling with him..even when we were going to be kinapped because he's a softie and decided to help a man out with money and follow him back at 1 am in the morning..then the guy decided to follow us...we hid behind a trash can and called the police..then got a ride back to a freinds house..we were so scared they thought it was funny not at all..but by the end of the night we were laughing..well then since he is older his time came to serve our lord..i took this hard and bad..he was leaving at a time i needed him..so i never said goodbye.. i know he needed to go and did not want him to stay but still was upset.. well during the two years he was gone my parents got a divorce and i started straying from the church..m faith was dimm..but one day out of the blue i got this call..i knew he was home and was so happy his voice was on the other..i had alot of news for him..yosiyah was a couple months old and i know he was shocked..well we talked and cought up then i hung up the phone i really didnt expect to talk to him again because i had a son..seemed to me the ones i loved pushed me away because they disapproved of my son outside of marriag.. me and yosiyah father broke it off and went our seperate ways..and then my special someone was there for me..he's always cared about me and been there for me through everything..and never once judged me..he's had a open and understanding heart..so recently i went to visit him thanks to some freinds...and it had been a year almost since i last seen him..when i seen him the first time my heart started racing..i was llike why is this happeniing i've known him for 5 years..but i knew it was because he's the one..iam not scared to say it because in my heart i know we will end together..he's the one who makes me smile, makes me be better and who i know will love yosiyah..and i know many doubt my belife in the church ..but i do love my heavenly father very much and am not ashamed nor do i doubt him..and when i visited the temple i realized he was still by myside..and knew that i will one day be married there in his house..and i will not settle for nothing less..i know that he will be the one to take me there.. i beleave he is the one..but i am waiting paitently for him..

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  1. Shasta!!!! I am so glad to hear you still have a testimony. I had no idea. Who is the guy? you have no idea how happy i am to read this.