Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Where do i start..

well yosiyah is a Year & a Half now time sure does fly by..pregnancy was such a scary time for me it felt like forever..between dilating 3cm at 21 to being in the hospital most of the time..i was constantly scared for him..every week seemed the news kept getting worse..dilating more and more..Him sitting to low..my cervic not big enough to hold him..so the hospital was my second home by my 25th week..those shots they give you for contractions are no fun, i know i was in and out of the hospital everyday for them took allday had to have them in segments and yosiyah just wanted out..but he made it to 37 weeks..then they enduced me because i was swelling it was finally time for my little boy..labor was all of 30min..i was already dilated 8 cm from week 32..three pushes and my son went flying..really i thought they were going to drop him..i am glad i did it natural because im sure it wouldnt of been as easy as it was..i guess my pregnacy was worse then delivery..now i look at my little boy and am amazed at him..he's so smart and teaches me new things..i thought i would be teaching him but he has as well..he's tought me patients..one day was feeling sick and yosiyah knows how to get into the fridge..so he decided to decorate my living room floor in chocolate and strawberry syrup ..thought it would help and came and gave me a kiss with chocolate everywhere..i never thought how much i could love something so little so much..and its crazy to look back to when he was born all of 5 lbs struggling to breath to now a strong smart little boy who always puts a smile on my face..

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